h) How can I prepare for CELBAN™?

How can I prepare for the CELBAN™?

The CELBAN™ is an assessment of English language proficiency as it relates to the context of the nursing profession in Canada. It is not linked to any particular book, language study program, or course of study. It is based on an analysis of the language demands of the nursing profession in Canada. The analysis was published in a report (Phase I, Analyzing the English Language Demands of the Nursing Profession Across Canada) which can be downloaded by clicking CELBAN™ Phase I report.

You can prepare for CELBAN™ by becoming familiar with the format of the test, so that you have an idea of what to expect. To learn more about test taking strategies, click CELBAN™ Test-Taking Strategies to download the guide.

The on-line CELBAN™ Readiness Self-Assessment tool and other preparatory materials for CELBAN™ are avialable (free of charge) on this site.  Click CELBAN™ Readiness Self-Assessment to find out more. 

A CELBAN™ Readiness Self-Assessment (CRSA) Kit can also be purchased.  The kit includes your choice of VHS or DVD, plus TestBooklet, Answer Booklet, and Answer Key for each part of CRSA, as well as Test-Taking Strategies booklet.  The cost for a CRSA kit is $50.00 plus S/H and GST for a total of $68.00  To download an order form to purchase a CRSA kit, click Order Form-offline CRSA kit   (pdf).